Offsite Document Storage in Salt Lake

The business records of every Salt Lake City company are simultaneously of great value and pose a great threat. They can be used to help make informed decisions but if mismanaged, can be used against the business.

It doesn't make sense to pay employees to search for documents. Offsite storage minimizes the time and money you spend sorting through outdated or expired records onsite.

offsite records and document storage services in Salt Lake City
It is not only good business but the law requires your records to be properly kept and records provided in a timely manor when requested. The number of government agencies and federal and Utah state laws that apply grows by the day. We can be your partner and help you manage the legal minefield of document storage.

Considerations for Record Storage Services in Utah

Offsite record storage gives you the ability to access your files at any time- you can schedule regular pickups or drop-offs, or even request emergency retrieval services if you need a file that's stored immediately.  Here's some other things to consider if you're thinking about using a records storage company.

Simplicity & Cost Savings on Document Storage in Salt Lake City

Offsite storage helps you organize your files more efficiently and gives you more room to increase productivity.  If you're using office space to maintain your records, offsite records storage helps you enhance the productivity of your employees. 

Access Control

Security and access control It is crucial to keep your files protected. A data breach is something businesses don't realize is a problem until it's too late. Any records that contain personal or confidential information need to be secured and accessed by authorized personnel only. 

Legal Compliance in Utah

Records retention policies, along with document storage programs, can help you decide which files to retain and for how long. Many businesses keep large amounts of records, while others discard critical information that should be kept. Either extreme could be a recipe for disaster.

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Salt Lake City Scanning and Imaging can help store you records int the cloud in a digital format or in an off-site facility in a physical format. We will save you money on document storage space and also maintain them is secure, climate controlled facility. We focus on your records so you can focus on your business. We provide quotes for secure document storage and retrieval services throughout Salt Lake City. 

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