The Paperless Office in Salt Lake City

The paperless office is an ultimate dream for Utah businesses.  
Digital documents are easier to access, eliminates the chances of older versions of documents getting out in the open, and optimizes document flow through your business. 

In most cases, when businesses make the decision to "go digital," they hire a Salt Lake City professional document scanning service to convert all their hard-copy paper records into electronic versions. A professional, secure company and staff take the hassle out of your move to a paperless office. 

Go Paperless in Salt Lake City, UT
Papers pile up, and more and more filing cabinets are added, and all of the sudden one of your offices is utilized specifically to store your files, creating a host of problems for businesses.

Does your Salt Lake Business Want to Go Paperless? Answer these Questions First

Converting to a paperless office might not be as easy you might think.  There's a chance you'll come across some issues.  The cost of document scanning is usually minimal to the time and space you'll save your business year over year.  

The storage required for paper documents grows at a rate of 20-25% every year, which is why you see the migration to paperless. This checklist will help you avoid some of the pitfalls associated with converting to a paperless office.

  • Are your confidential files and documents that contain personal or critical business information secure? 

    Paper documents can be duplicated easily.  If you're concerned about data breaches, a document management system can be one of the most reliable systems for your office- if you take the proper precautions.  Digitized documents are easier to track and monitor.
  • Will your digitized documents be easier to use? 

    Generally, a digital system will be a vast improvement compared to your hard-copy filing system.  You can eliminate version control issues and utilize indexing to make documents easier to find and distribute.
  • How much productivity do you lose with your current management system?  

    Digital documents eliminate the time it takes to find, copy, and re-file papers.  A paperless office makes finding documents easier and optimizes the document flow in your office.
  • Is hiring a document scanning service form Salt Lake City an effective solution for your business? 

    There's a lot involved with making your existing system paperless, from required upgrades to make it functional with existing systems to ongoing costs to maintain your document scanning project.  Don't forget the number of documents you're looking to c
    onvert- digitizing thousands of documents has a significant, but manageable cost.
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Consider this- just one hard drive holds millions of pages of documents- which equates to hundreds of four-drawer file cabinets. Let Salt Lake City Scanning and Imaging  help your business make the transition today! 

Ready to Make the Change to a Paperless Office? Salt Lake City Scanning and Imaging Can Help!

95% of businesses still have their documents and company information laying on desks or filed away in cabinets.  

Salt Lake City Scanning and Imaging can index, scan, and post production work to get your office digital quickly.  We can even help you convert text via optical character recognition (OCR) software to allow you to edit the documents or redact private information to protect your customers.

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